Onyx Synopsis Out the Door

While I’m damned wary about hoping too much, considering the way these things have gone the past eleven times … well, I’m an optimist. And I really like this project. It brings in Brig from MIDNIGHT RAIN as the hero, and an EMT-Paramedic named Dia as the heroine, and a gift-leaving stalker, and alligators in a canal in dicy, grim circumstances. And what might or might not be a ghost. And it features EMTs and rescue in Ft. Lauderdale — real adrenaline-junkie stuff. (As an ex-ER RN, I am an adrenaline-junkie — I know my own).

God, I hope I get to write this book.

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2 responses to “Onyx Synopsis Out the Door”

  1. Steph T. Avatar
    Steph T.

    Oh – I so want to read this book! Passing good proposal karma your way)

  2. Jenne Avatar

    I’m crossing my fingers. I liked what we saw of Brig in Midnight Rain and I really liked the supernatural element. I hope this works out, for your sake and for mine!

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