Onward, Brightly

Heard from Robin yesterday that she liked the proposal, and had sent it straight on to Claire. This never happens, so I’m hoping the fact that it did this time is a sign (no, make that SIGN) of good things to come.

I’m still doing the HTCB manuscript slog. I’m reacquainting myself with the world at the same time, and envying the younger self who wrote that book. The tech and the set-up keep taking me by surprise; I had a lot more in there than I thought I did.

It’s clear to me that I’m going to miss the hell out of my worldbuilding notes for that book.

And that when I get back into Cady II, I’m going to have to take really, really good notes. ‘Cause, damn, it’s not fun having to scramble through older books for details on the way things work.

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  1. kalbzayn Avatar

    That is quite an amazing read. Very cool to see the constant rewrites and back and forth with the editors/agents. Not very fun to go through, I’m sure, but for those of us that haven’t been through it, it is very enlightening. I’m especially amazed with the patience that the writer really must have to make it. We read about it all the time in articles, but to see the ordeal in the daily posts over that long of a period of time is very educational.

  2. Gabriele Avatar

    Good luck with the proposal, Holly. You deserve better than going through that sort of hell again.

    Have fun meeting with Cady – seems she’s a bit like a friend you lost contact with for a decade, and both of you have changed.

    What makes putting a hardcover together different from paperbacks?

  3. Holly Avatar

    In order:

    BJ — Thanks for the good wishes, which are always welcome. The proposal that went off was for the second EMT-related suspense novel, though. I’m working at Cady II as an independent project that I’ll have to complete in revised first draft before I send it anyway.

    Rose — Thanks very much. I haven’t any idea when HAWKSPAR will be published. My editor is still working on revision requests for it, and after she sends them to me, I’ll have to do a rewrite. There there will be the whole putting-a-hardcover-book-together process, which is time-consuming. Sometime next year, I imagine.

    Kalbzayn — Virtually guaranteed odds? It is to laugh. Seriously. If you want an idea of the odds, just look at last year’s (and the year before’s) Onyx Proposal Thread for an idea of how very UNguaranteed this whole process is. Start at the very earliest post, and read forward in time.

  4. kalbzayn Avatar

    It seems like after having a ton of books printed the odds of getting a thumbs up would be virtually guaranteed. Do you often have ideas rejected, or do the powers that be normally just make suggestions for potential improvement?

  5. The English Rose Avatar
    The English Rose

    One quick question: Maybe I’m just completely oblivious, but when will Hawkspar be published, and do I have to have read Talyn to understand it? Thanks!

  6. The English Rose Avatar
    The English Rose

    Yay, Holly! I hope that it gets ok’d and you can write the book. And oohh good luck with Cady II. I haven’t read HTCB (not much of an sf fan) but I find it inspiring that you returned to the world/story after so long!

  7. BJSteeves Avatar

    That’s is GREAT news! I hope the project gets a “thumbs up”! I can’t wait to read the next Cady adventure!

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