Onward, and Ouch

Got 2300 good words today, though it took me about six hours to get them. Passed page 900, which was exciting.

And had my neck and upper back lock up on me. I know it’s stress. I know the weight of this book plus the next three on short deadlines is an undercurrent that I don’t often address. It seems to me that if I know it’s stress, the damned back should just stop hurting. But it hasn’t, and I can’t turn my head, and sitting upright is an adventure in pain. I may be scarce for a few days, depending on how long it takes me to get this straightened out. I have to get the pages done. The boy and I have to do our homeschooling stuff. Anything else is gravy.

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5 responses to “Onward, and Ouch”

  1. Alison Avatar

    I second the heat. I have two of those microwavable fabric sausages filled with some kind of cereal. Nuke ’em for 2 minutes, perch them across my shoulders for about 20 minutes, wander back to the microwave and nuke ’em again without taking my head out of the scene. Repeat as many times as required.
    Also swimming, the one exercise I don’t default on. Though my soggy swimming kit is somewhere at large in the city tonight. Comes from going out the door without taking my mind from the scene.

  2. Anthea Avatar

    The only way I ever manage to get through back/neck cramps is by stretching – gently, just as much as I can stand, maybe even lying flat on my back and stretching side to side, but constantly until I can stretch just a little further and the pain starts to ease… then lots of sleep or it always comes back. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  3. Jinx Avatar

    Sending much sympathy your way, as this is exactly how MY stress effects me so I know how you feel. Lots of Ibuprofen and a heating pad, plus no strain on the shoulders and neck — which means an almost prone position in the bed — is usually how I get through.

    I hope it goes away soon. Funny how the body’s reaction to stress adds even more stress…

  4. Scott Avatar

    Yikes! I know and loathe that feeling – my shoulder does the same dang thing. Lots of Alleve and heat works for me. Sure does suck getting old, doesn’t it? I wish I could say it’w an old football injury..but you saw me play : )

  5. Jean Avatar

    Yup. That sounds like stress. Let’s see. How can we work this? Try, "Boy, you’re going to help Mommy write. You take pages 901-902, and I’ll take from 903 on." Just make sure 901-902 aren’t sex scenes. I’m not sure a 5-6 year old would do them justice (but, then again…). A good fight scene might be more his speed.

    As for the gravy? I’ve heard it makes a good massage lubricant if it’s gently warmed and applied with some pressure in the right places.

    Returning you to your regularly scheduled whatever…

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