Only Bad News on the Print Version of CCC

By Holly Lisle

I’ve retired the print version of Create A Character Clinic from Lulu, and everyone who purchased a copy should receive a full refund.

I cannot get Lulu to use my PDF file, or to upload my Word document. I don’t know what its problem is with Word–it won’t give me an error message, though it claims one is there. As for Acrobat … the problem there seems to be that I work on a Mac, and purchased my version of Adobe Acrobat for the Mac. Mac users pay the same price, but get half the program. Embedding fonts is a nightmare, and evidently I don’t have the right ones, and even if I purchased the right ones from Adobe, there’s no guarantee that I could get them to embed using the crippled version of Acrobat Mac users have available. And if I could get them to embed, there’s still no guarantee that I could get Lulu to accept the file.

I’m bitterly disappointed by this, and apologize deeply to those of you who purchased the book.

I’ll explore other printing options, but Cafe Press is ridiculously expensive compared to Lulu, and I’d hoped to keep the books reasonably priced. There may be other options, as well. None of them will be quick. I won’t assume again that the process will work simply because the store was willing to take my money for a copy.

This link will put you in touch with the people who should be automatically refunding your money.

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