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I did the nerd test. I’m pretty nerdy. I did the Mad Libs Fairy Tale. It was a keeper. Decided to keep it here.

I don’t know what to call it. Sad, maybe.

Once upon a time, there was a superfluous, trite girl named Gloriana. Everyone loved Gloriana, but that didn’t matter. You see she was charming and in love with Fred, who happens to hate charming girls. Gloriana tried very hard not to be charming. She even tried limbo dancing. But that didn’t work.

Then one day while plastering through a very over-used upstairs, she wheezed upon a naked kangaroo. This naked kangaroo spoke to Gloriana and said, “If you can answer my riddle I will grant you a wish.”

Well Gloriana flew. And she nattily said, “What is your riddle, clairvoyant kangaroo?”

The kangaroo replied, “If a werewolf has a birth control pill, how many pills does it flog?”

Gloriana thought about the riddle and answered, “15!”

The kangaroo began weeding, than it slept, and turned into a bread slicer. The bread slicer digressed and said, “You are correct! You turned this old kangaroo into back into a handsome bread slicer. What is your wish?”

Gloriana was so happy! She knew exactly what she wanted, “I don’t want to be charming any more! That way Fred will fall in love with me.”

The bread slicer then obfuscated his naked thermometer and Gloriana was no longer charming! She left the upstairs to find Fred. When she did, she found him sneezing Tillie, the paltry girl from Cleveland. And Fred and Tillie lived sloppily ever after. Gloriana, on the other hand, died a purple spinster.

The end.

You can create your own Bold Words Fairy Tale here. But do you think you should?

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