One-Week Update on My Fitness Progress

I’ll actually commit myself at this point to saying that Combat Conditioning, by Matt Furey, was worth my money. After all, I’m impressed enough by the results I’ve already obtained that I went ahead and ordered a second book from him, Combat Abs.

So what about those results? I can do 40 hindu squats (sometimes twice in the same day.) Still only five hindu push-ups, and my form on them is still terrible. But it’s less terrible. I can bridge with hands for support for about 15-20 seconds, and get my forehead on the floor most of the time, though not yet my nose. With my nose, though, I’m thinking it’ll be any day on that — my magnificent schnozz and I should have an advantage over you bastards out there with pert, cute, little noses. 😀

Compare to my baseline of 35 hindu squats the first day (followed by 20 and unbelievably sore muscles the next two), 5 hindu pushups, and no bridging.

On to the more ephemeral results. I ran to the mailbox yesterday and walked back without getting winded. (Prior to starting this, I got short of breath just walking out and back. My mailbox is a ways off, but c’mon …, you know?) Haven’t lost my breath going up stairs in the last day or two. I’m sleeping better. My neck, shoulders, and back don’t hurt. My pants zip and button comfortably and are comfortable to wear zipped and buttoned while sitting down — the sweat pants are no longer my only option for comfort while I’m working. I can see some nice new curves in my legs. And I can also see that my stomach is flatter. And I feel … good.

In one week.

Biggest result, though, is that my results have been noticeable enough that all three of my guys have started doing the exercises, too. And, much to my secret joy, the exercises are kicking their asses, too, and yet they still keep doing them.

I only weigh myself on the ninth of each month, and I’m not expecting any great weight loss to report when I do — I know me, and my body adds muscle much faster than it loses fat. I can already see the new muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat. As I noted before, though, this isn’t about getting thin. It’s about getting fit, and in that regard, I can actually say I’ve found something worthwhile to recommend.

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