One View from Shadow – poem – in memory of my sister, Julie

One View From Shadow

One stands upon dark winter’s sill
And shudders at the gathering gloom
The candles gutter from a gust
That chills the room

One at the banquet fears to breathe
And silent and unmoving stands
For Time might hear and make her leave
And still her hands

Ten thousand voices in her head
Are frozen now in breathless fear
Stories untold cannot be read
No one will hear

The clock ticks on as shadow spreads
As winter falls, and cold congeals
The one pushed into shadow dreads
What time reveals

Which stories now will live or die
Which tales will to the banquet bring
Their secrets for the guests to whom
It is still spring

The shadows gather close but won’t
Silence the stories pressed by night
The words will come until they don’t…

One lifts her pen to write

Holly Lisle — Dec. 28, 2016 (link to the original post)

In memory of my sister, Julie.


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