One of my students made the NYT list, self-pubbing his FIRST NOVEL!

By Holly Lisle

IRREFUTABLE, by Dale Roberts

IRREFUTABLE, by Dale Roberts

A lot of my students have sold novels to publishers, brought out their own books, won contests…

This guy is the first of my students I know of who made it to the New York Times Bestseller list.


I can’t thank you enough. Your teaching has been priceless. Using your courses, I wrote my first novel. The Kindle version just made the NY Times best seller list at #19. I am consistantly hovering around the top 100 on Amazon.

Thanks soooooo much.

Dale Roberts

For the paranoid among you, he really is one of my students. He bought Plot Clinic and Page-Turning Scenes back in early December of last year.

His book, IRREFUTABLE? Fast-paced, well-written, smart, and fun. I bought it yesterday, and it’s excellent. And well worth the $2.99.

Here’s his link again. I’m so excited for him. This is SERIOUSLY cool!

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