One Big Difference

There are a number of big differences between the government of the US and the government of China. One of the really big ones is that the Chinese are able to keep the eye on the ball for a couple hundred years at a time. The American government’s attention span is, as demonstrated by this article, about fifteen minutes.

And no, the article isn’t about China.

(Thanks for the link, Jim.)

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2 responses to “One Big Difference”

  1. Jim Woosley Avatar
    Jim Woosley

    FWIW, the article specifically referred to here was on October 20, and has been relinked at

    This link was good as of 10 PM ET on 10-25-2003.

  2. Mary Avatar

    Sometimes I am really afraid for us… because of us, and our increasing ability to be swayed minute by minute. We no longer get the whole picture from our news (if we ever did). We don’t seem to make decisions anymore… we make "let’s do this for now and see what happens." To me that isn’t a decision.

    I hope hope hope the American people continue to back Mr. Bush. We have seen what happens when we appease.

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