Once More Into the Breach

First I’ll note that I got my words today. 2067, to be exact. Like what I got, kicked ass on the scene, nailed the tone and the action, and killed somebody really likeable, and if you can do that in a chapter, you’re doing all right. Fine. Good. That was this morning.

Yesterday I heard from Robin (my agent) that the editor who wants Midnight Rain had a few more questions and tweaks about the second outline I submitted. I’ll need to do a third. I got the questions and tweaks, looked over them, figured out how to do the rewrites, and I’ll be working on that (HAS to be spare time at this point) over the next couple of days.

But I have to confess to something akin to despair at this point. This now has all the earmarks of the work I did on the project for the four-book romance deal that the editor wanted, and told me was good to go, and then I heard we’d have a deal by Friday, and then I heard “no thanks.”

At this point, I’m beyond hoping.

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4 responses to “Once More Into the Breach”

  1. Jim Woosley Avatar
    Jim Woosley

    I remember when you came to town and told us the three rules of life.

    Please keep Rule 1 in mind!

  2. Jay Avatar

    Even if it doesn’t make it, at least you had fun writing it! Don’t give up hope now.

  3. Sara Avatar

    Hang in there, Holly. It’ll come through, one way or the other.

  4. Jean Avatar

    I’ll be the surrogate hoper for you on "Midnight Rain."

    As for "Talyn," that sounds like a great chapter!

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