Once More, Fresh

I’m going to have to do the sixth revision of the seventh version of the Onyx proposal from scratch. Hold the story in my head, and write the thing without looking at notes or letting everything I’ve done before get in my way.

It’s all muddy inside my skull right now, with versions and changes and possibilities jammed up against all the words that are already there. I have to move past the words; have to see the thing clear, with my eyes closed and the images rolling over my mental screen, with my fingers tapping straight into the feed without benefit of the internal editor that is smashing my head against the wall.

There’s a point in the writing where the frustration and the frenzy get so bad that you just can’t think — and sometimes, when you hit that point, if you just push a little bit beyond it, you fall into this otherspace where very good things happen.

I’m definitely in the frustration and frenzy zone. Now I’m going for the magic.

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