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We thought we were going to be ready to go live with HollysWritingClasses.com December 1st. Get all the members in, have the first couple of classes done and in place with the rest in progress.

Holly's Writing Classes
Holly’s Writing Classes
Write Your Own Sky
We’ve hit a completely unexpected problem—well, the Group B beta testers have hit it, actually—and while making our desired December 1st date for taking the site live may still be possible, right now we’re probably going to slow down and try for the middle of the month or early January.

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6 responses to “On the new site”

  1. Tony Robinson Avatar
    Tony Robinson

    Love the influence of Holly. I ‘finished’ my book but after reading about wallpaper and blinkies etc, am going scene by scene to check the setting using a spreadsheet I made up and using Dragon Speaking Naturally to enter data.
    Has anyone put Holly’s stuff into Scrivener? If not my February assignemt.

  2. Donna Avatar

    No problem – glad the beta testers found the issue for you! Also, I LOVE your logo: Write Your Own Sky!

  3. Margaret Avatar

    Hugs on the delay, but great that the beta testers found the problem before it magnified across all students :).

  4. Julia Mozingo Avatar

    Do what you need to do. I don’t mind waiting. All good things are worth waiting for. Your site is one of the good things. Anything with technology has unforeseen glitches as par for the course. Quality trumps speed.

  5. Texanne Avatar

    What about HTRYN?

    1. Holly Avatar

      It’ll still be the first class to go live. I’ll probably offer a short, free mini-workshop for it next week, and then put it on sale for seven days the following week.

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