A painting of the Ohio state flower, the Trillium.

On Ohio, and the novels, and the new class

Just small news here. The new class is finished in first draft, and I’m now (and for the first time ever) doing the complete course bug-hunt and clean-up BEFORE I put the course on sale.

Yes, it will take longer. But it will also guarantee that the class will be less first-time-through splintery.

I’m still working on the Ohio novels every weekday. Read-throughs and clean-ups at the moment.

I bought a wood-burning kit to use so that I can make a real-world version of one of the magical artifacts in the novels. The kit finally arrived, so I can start putting that together.

So now, I’ll have a little fun making one of my main character’s best magical tools. (Well, in HER Ohio, it’s actually magical. In MY Ohio, it’s going to be cool, and attractive to look at, and possibly to some degree useful — but probably not to the degree my MC is finding it useful.)

And finally, I know it’s autumn (and heading hard toward winter) but I just wanted to show of Ohio’s state wildflower, the trillium. The hills are covered with them in spring, and it’s a gorgeous sight.

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7 responses to “On Ohio, and the novels, and the new class”

  1. Dina Scott Avatar
    Dina Scott

    Any news on when the course will be available?

    1. Holly Avatar

      I’m working on the final stuff now. There are reasons (none fun) for it taking longer. But I’m getting there.

  2. dragon Avatar

    Sounds like you’re having fun

  3. Rüdiger Malke Avatar
    Rüdiger Malke

    Any Idea when the Course will be ready? Before Xmas? 🙂

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      I’m having a wonderful time. The class itself is finished. Twenty-three lessons, all done.

      The hold-up now is that I have to write the class description. (An example of a course description is the How to Think Sideways page here.) Salesletters are big, and they’re a lot of work, but they’re essential because they both tell and SHOW prospective students what any given class will teach them.

      It has taken me as long as a month to write a course salesletter. I’m trying to make better time on this one, because the class is ready to go. But all I can say is that as soon as I’m satisfied that I’ve given my prospective students a very clear look at what the course contains and what they’ll learn when they take it, I’ll open it up.

  4. Nancy Granducci Avatar
    Nancy Granducci

    I live in a small town south of Salt Lake City, UT, at foot f the Wasatch Mts. Last year our area was so dry the fall foliage was mostly brown, then fell from the trees. This year we had an amazing snowy winter and lots of rain in spring and summer. The colors are glorious, as you can see (if I can figure out how to get the picture from camera to email). It was taken on the drive up to our mountain cabin.

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      I love seasons. And after living a huge part of my life in places that don’t have the northern latitudes seasons (Florida, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and way on the other end of the spectrum, Alaska), I’m ecstatic to have MY four seasons back. I’ve missed everything from bare-branches winter to trees dressed in spring flowers… to all the shades of green… to autumn reds, oranges, and golds… all the way to bare-nekkid hardwoods in winter.

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