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  1. As I have done now for many years, on Memorial Day I pray… and I weep. Tears of pain for those who did not come back, tears of sorrow for those who did but not the same as before they went, tears of gratitude for those of us who did come back, and tears of hope that all those now deployed will come back safe and whole.

    God bless you Holly, Becky, and all you precious folks who stand vigil like a candle in the wind fighting back the darkness that seeks to blind the hope in your hearts while your loved one are away and in harm’s way. I pray your loved ones will be kept safe and will come home more blessed then when they left.

  2. Holly,

    My thoughts are with your son. My daughter’s boyfriend is also deployed, While it isn’t the same I understand at least some of your pain. I hope he comes home safely.

  3. My thoughts are with your children, Holly and Becky, and all the soldiers standing in line so that we can be safe. My cousin was wounded in Iraq a few weeks ago. He’s home now, with a badly injured leg and shoulder and missing several fingers on his left hand. Thankfully, he’s getting the best medical care possible and he know how important his sacrifice is to his family.

  4. My heart is with you on this Memorial Day, Holly. My daughter and her groom of 2 months were deployed to the Middle East in 2008. That year was my first Thanksgiving and Christmas without her, and my first Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, her birthday, etc. Terrible year.

    She and her hubby are home now, but Memorial Day brings back memories of that year, and the memory of a friend of hers who didn’t return.

    May we never forget those who gave their all for us.

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