On jury standby — so I wrote 1279 more words, and discovered the answers to a couple of grim secrets

The court did not need me today. I’ll have to call the private number each evening before the next session for the next two weeks to see if I need to report the next day. So every word I get for the next two weeks is literally on borrowed time. I owe it to the justice system, but am getting to take as many pieces of it for myself as I can get until they tell me to come in.

I’m okay with that.

My characters showed me a piece of a puzzle that dropped on my head in Book One, and for which I had no answer… just a lot of questions.

Today’s answer to today’s question was scary. Not funny-scary, either.

But it was the piece I needed to tie a central story event in Book One all the way through to Book Five, and it definitely made that new character I mentioned a couple of posts back into a “gonna be in the rest of the series” character.

I like my words, I got just over my target number for the day, and maybe I’ll get to just write fiction every day for the next two weeks. It could happen.

And if this space is blank over the next two weeks, or has a little Jury Duty notice instead of a post, you’ll know that I appreciated every day I got to keep for myself… And I’ll be back to work as soon as I can.

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