On my fifteen-minute stretch break, so this will have to be fast. Got news this morning that Anna Genoese is leaving Tor on the 20th, and that I’ll have a new editor. Anna says she’ll finish the edits on HAWKSPAR before she leaves, but obviously I won’t be able to finish them by the end of March (the previous due date), so at this point pretty much everything is up in the air.

I can’t say when the book will be out. Once my new editor and I have had a chance to talk, I’ll know more, and will pass on what I can.

………. strange karma continues ………….

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7 responses to “On HAWKSPAR”

  1. BookLover Avatar

    Aaargh! I’ve been holding my breath for another novel to accompany Talyn – my all time favorite. The thought of Hawkspar delayed is *gasp*choke*

    Have mercy. I need to keep breathing.

  2. LadyQ Avatar

    I need to get my local Borders to order Vengeance of Dragons for me. Maybe they’ll actually start stocking The Secret Texts after this. *cheers up at the thought*

    On the plus side, they still had plenty of copies of Talyn, including a few in the new paperback section.

    I hope that Holly is able to write several books in the world of Korre. *crosses fingers for good fortune*

  3. Chassit Avatar

    Hey Holly, I hope everything works out. You’re right, it is strange karma.

    LadyQ–That’s what I’ve been doing too. I only have the Diplomacy of Wolves, but I’m waiting for Vengence of Dragons and Courage of Falcons to come in the mail.

  4. Adam101 Avatar

    Ill be honest – I don’t own any other of Holly’s books but Talyn. Mainly because Amazon UK does not provide a lot of them. Also my major local bookstore doesn’t have any others either.

  5. LadyQ Avatar

    Thanks for the update. I enjoyed Talyn a lot and am waiting (im)patiently for Hawkspar. In the meantime, I’m consoling myself with The Secret Texts but since I read the first book in two days *eyes volume sadly*, I don’t know how long I can stretch it.

  6. TinaK Avatar

    I read this on her blog this morning and didn’t even connect it to Hawkspar. She talks about keeping a few of her babies and I do hope that Hawkspar is one of them. I want it NOW too! LOL

  7. Adam101 Avatar

    I am so looking forward to Hawkspar, it sounds like I am sucking up – but Talyn was simply fantastic, its one of the few books I cried over, and I have no shame in admitting that. In fact, I gave it good feedback on Amazon UK and on my blog.

    I want Hawkspar NOW! lol.

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