On Comments, Rants, and the Blog Itself

By Holly Lisle

I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing where comments are concerned. They’re disabled by default — I’ll enable them where I want to offer them. People have been quite decent in their posting, and I like hearing from you.

Rants — well, I’m trying to steer myself more toward observations, and less toward rants. Haven’t decided yet whether I’ll keep the ones I’ve moved off-limits. They’ll hang in limbo until I do.

The blog itself — got a couple of worried e-mails from readers hoping I wouldn’t just shut it down entirely. I like blogging. As long as I’m not interfering with my paid work by doing it, I’ll stay with it. Because frequently it helps me figure out how I need to get where I want to go — and reading through old entries reminds me that, no matter how much the current trainwreck feels like all new territory, odds are, I’ve been there before … wherever “there” might happen to be.

Thank for the feedback when I asked the question previously. It helped.

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