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      • Curse of the Black Heron; Baen Books (ISBN: 0-671-87868-9) — March 1998
      • Thunder of the Captains; (with Aaron Allston), Baen Books (ISBN: 0-671-87731-3) — July 1996
      • Wrath of the Princes; (with Aaron Allston) , Baen Books (ISBN: 0-671-87771-2) — March 1997

Fantasy novels very loosely based on the Bard’s Tale game

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      • “Knight and the Enemy,” The Enchanter Reborn; L. Sprague de Camp and Christopher Stasheff, eds., Baen Books. (ISBN: 0-671-72134-8) — September 1992
      • “Armor-ella,” Chicks in Chainmail; Esther Friesner ed., Baen Books (ISBN: 0-671-87682-1) — September 1995
      • “A Few Good Men,” Women at War (hard cover and trade paper); Lois McMaster Bujold ed., Tor Books — December 1, 1992.

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