Okay. The print version bug-hunt on WARPAINT is done

Dragging my dizzy self (awful vertigo today) into the office to do the page PDF version for CreateSpace, and then do the finishing touches on the cover art.


Mammoth, massive, huge, enormous thanks to the people who spent a big chunk of their weekend and Monday bug-hunting the book for me. You were awesome.

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One response to “Okay. The print version bug-hunt on WARPAINT is done”

  1. Jen of Hens Avatar
    Jen of Hens

    Stupid grin won’t leave my face – just so happy for you!

    Kinda stuck in my own writing – 916 words today – and I lost, LOST! a super good thought thread that came to me this morning about 3:30 AM. Hate that. I will try to entice it back with a cookie…

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