Okay, The HTWAS Expansion has gone live…

The first four weeks of the Expansions run IN PARALLEL to the HTWAS main class.

This means that new students, as well as folks who already did the HTWAS bonus cours through How To Revise Your Novel but who just got the full version will start with the expansion on DAY ONE.

It also means that NEW STUDENTS have a double course load today.

If you’re a new student, you need to do the Week One Lesson BEFORE you do the Expansion, or you are going to be lost.

You’ll have a breather with the subsequent lessons, simply because we’re writing as we’re going this time, and it’s going to take us some time to get to series middles and ends.

There’s some live stuff you need to do first in the Expansion, so that I can get a feel for how many people are going through with me, and what sort of project you’re working on. Post as soon as you can.

For new students, you won’t be able to post until you’ve completed Lesson One, because you won’t know until then what you want to do.

If you already have the class, login here: https://howtothinksideways.com/login/

On the Classroom Hub, under CAREER CLASSES, click through on How to Write A Series. You’ll find links for the original class and the first expansion links in the sidebar on the right.


Prices have now gone up $25, but buying now will STILL save you $125 off the final price of the course.

Important: The LIVE elements of the Expansion will only be available to students who join during the creation of the first three modules.

After that, it will simply be too much material for students to cover to catch up during breaks. Students who join after the creation of module three will get the full course and full expansion, but in the work-at-your-own-pace version.

Here’s the link to the How To Write A Series: Master the Art of Sequential Fiction purchase page



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