Okay. Store Moving In Progress

Margaret and I are moving the store. With luck, everything should be up and running around two PM my time (blog time).

I apologize for the wait.

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10 responses to “Okay. Store Moving In Progress”

  1. kywrite Avatar

    Hey folks,

    I just bought and downloaded and the file was Mugging the Muse! Help!

  2. Holly Avatar

    We’re almost ready to go. Margaret is purging our ton of test sales, I’m going to have to go in and put in product, but then …

    We’re looking really good here.

  3. kywrite Avatar

    I have the worst timing in the world; I wanted to buy this last week, waited to get a little more money in my account, and went out yesterday — surprise! I am on pins and needles. . .

  4. valerie Avatar

    Holly, I hope you and Mar can each get a good night’s sleep and that the store stays fixed. And here I thought we’d done all the breaking for you ahead of time… It was supposed to be *easy* from here in.

  5. joela Avatar

    Just found out all your new stuff. Kewl! Will be counting my pennies to make some purchases.

  6. Holly Avatar

    Store will be down tonight. With luck, we’ll have it up and running tomorrow.

  7. Holly Avatar

    And still testing and debugging.

    At this point, we’re making sure affiliate commissions go through. This is a big deal, especially considering the problems we had with the last shop.

  8. PolarBear Avatar

    No vacuum tube mainframes left to help you with EMP protection. Better get that anti-static strap on.
    But seriously, good luck.

  9. Holly Avatar

    And still debugging. When I break things, I do it well, thank you very much. I have my own personal EMP field to help out.

  10. Holly Avatar

    Bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs. We’re close to being up and running … but I have demonstrated a breathtaking ability for being able to crash things at the last possible moment.

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