Okay. So World Number 1 Is Done #wabwm

By Holly Lisle

It took me a while to get past the crap on my desk to get to writing Create A World Clinic yesterday.

But when I did, I got the draft of world one done.

“WORLD #1: The Dot World
Building Your First Complete World In Five Minutes”

I decided rather than do an introduction in the book, I’d walk writers through this five-minute world (and their first story idea from the course), to show the first step in the worldbuilding process, and why worldbuilding is for EVERY writer, not just SF/Fantasy writers or folks who do historicals.

I think this will be cool. Writers will be able to preview the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, and with just a pen and paper, be able to do the complete first exercise before they even buy the book.

1599 words yesterday.

And what’s even cooler is that, while demonstrating the technique, I got a short story idea I’m going to write. I’m tempted to do a collection of short stories using any keeper ideas I get from writing Create A World.

So that was yesterday.

Today, more World!

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