Okay — NOW It’s Going Well

Hot damn — a couple of the weird little pictures from yesterday’s brainstorming session just clicked in a very big way, and words are flying.

I’m finding Dia’s stalker fascinating — he’s a product of his times, his education, and his passions, and he has some weird damned quirks … but they aren’t weird for him. For him, they make perfect sense.

Brig I already loved. When he walked into Midnight Rain, I knew I wanted to see more of him. He’s from Montana, one of my all-time favorite states … and I didn’t know that before. He’s developed a little quirk of his own since the last book he was in.

And Dia. She’s modeled on an EMT-turned-RN I worked with in Cheraw, SC, back when I was house supervisor — she’s not a straight steal, but she’s got all the characteristics about Jola that I admired most.

Back to work, then — this is going strange places, and I must follow if I can.

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