Okay — having had it with Blogger, I got creative with Greymatter

I have no idea how well this will work — I’ve never used Greymatter before. But I’m just weary with Blogger losing my archives, not letting me post, and all the other goodies that it does. I’m tired of the thing not working. With Greymatter, if things don’t work, it’s my fault. I prefer that. So … let’s see if I did it right.

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2 responses to “Okay — having had it with Blogger, I got creative with Greymatter”

  1. marquito Avatar

    I love Greymatter!!! I love your blog. I always visit and see cool stuff. I remember when I read "Bones" and fell in love with your characters and the fantasy you wove.

    I’m converting to Greymatter now and it’s so exciting to finally have something that will work independently of Blogger. Thank you for showing us all that something better and different is possible.

  2. Alice Avatar

    It’s always eerie to find my name where I’d never expect to see it! Good luck with this board. I have found your blog entries inspiring, and have missed them.