OHIO Five… Going in a dangerous direction. 278 words. 765 total.

By Holly Lisle

I had some words in there already, and reworked the crap out of this random “dark and stormy night” thing I threw against the wall… last week? Earlier.

Dunno. But what I got today gives me something pretty good to think about, because A) the story now starts with a bang. And B) this morning I discovered than someone important to my MC is missing… and there’s a smoking crater…

Something awful has happened to (or possibly just close to) a major character, and had given me a direction for the story, and a compelling beginning question to pursue.

I did not expect any of this.

BUT… Now that I have accomplished something good on the book, and now that I have something for the day that I can look at with some happiness… I’ll go back to working on the website.

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