Ohio 5: The Surprises Keep Coming – Plus… Fasting Brain!

Matt and I are doing this fasting thing, where we eat one meal, then fast for 47 hours, eat again, fast for 47 hours…

It’s simple, it’s stress-free, it gives me tons of energy.

And fortunately, my body doesn’t read this as “hunger” until I smell food. Which I won’t smell until dinner tonight.

Fasting on a 47/1 schedule has a couple of weird side effects.

The first is that I keep getting up and walking around, and I find myself thinking while pacing instead of thinking while sitting. (I think my body has geared up to go run down some antelope, and it’s secretly trying to drag me out the door so I can go find some)

The second is that I get really, really chatty (and working at my computer, that translates into writing lots of words). I was shooting for 250 words for the day, because my project manager, my database guy, and I are on the countdown to shutting down HollysWritingClasses.com now, and I have things I need to do there.


I got 1001 words, and now have 12,120 total on Book 5.

My characters are doing very cool things, and I got to build out more of the revelation yesterday.

And realized that tomorrow I’m going to have to remove all used of the word ‘oligarch’. 

I think I’ll replace it with asshole-in-charge.

Other than that, I love what I got.

Now, however, I have to go run a few circles on the ceiling, and then drop into the forum. 

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