OHIO 5: Small words, but yesterday’s revelation continues to spawn big things

I got 272 words and now have 12,393. 

And what I got built on big, scary things that I discovered yesterday, and gave me a nice new segment of the same scene.

I’ll be glad when I can spend more time on Ohio 5, but we’re in the last stages of replacing the old HollysWritingClasses.com software with the new software, and there are a ton of things on that which I have to be around for and to be a part of.

We thought we’d be doing the move today, though (in which case I would have gotten NO words), and we’ll find out later today whether we’ll be able to do it tomorrow.

We have just ONE sticking point. I’m hoping today it comes unstuck.

I wanna get back to writing FULL-time again.

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One response to “OHIO 5: Small words, but yesterday’s revelation continues to spawn big things”

  1. Lolly (Whitehead) Foy Avatar
    Lolly (Whitehead) Foy

    Damn girl! I just picked up “The Longview Chronicles”. You are unparalleled. Truly. I can’t think of another author who grips my attention from the first sentence as completely as you do! And then unfailingly makes good on the promise of that start. I always recommend you whenever I’m asked “what should I read next?” Your success makes my heart so happy!! All the best to you!!

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