Ohio 5: 570 words and a solid (if weird) start on Chapter 3

My MC is out of the house, tucked away someplace weird, and because she is who she is, she is NOT stretched out reading comfortably and nursing the injury that isn’t exactly self-inflicted… 

And I don’t know what she just found.

Don’t know its importance, don’t know why it is where it is, don’t know anything except she’s found something that was important to her grandmother… and that means that in some fashion, it’s important to her.

So, 5,075 words into Book 5, I have a new mystery. And this one needs to tie back to everything from Books 1-4, and start pulling things together.

I don’t know how it’s going to do that. I just know it has to.

Interesting writing days ahead.

Meanwhile, the guys were doing a test setup of the new HollysWritingClasses.com site yesterday, and at the point where that goes smoothly, we’ll be ready to do this for real.

So, with words finished, I’m now heading off to see how close we are to “GO!”

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