Ohio 4: Net words while reworking and updating the moved text — 59 words net gain, 15,118 total

By Holly Lisle

I’ve worked through a section of the cut-and-paste stuff I pulled in from Book 3 yesterday. I’ve written a lot of words. I’ve deleted a lot of words. I have a net gain of 59 words that does not reflect the amount of work I’ve done — but I already knew it wouldn’t.

Tomorrow will probably be a lot like today, because I’ll still be in this section, which is long, and which has a LOT of stuff that needs to be fixed and rethought, some stuff that needs to go, and some things that I’ll need to make up from scratch.

Working through moved text doesn’t have the fun to it of letting me be able to show my work.

But this was worth saving, I’m still getting there.

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