Ohio 4: Friends, cannibals, and 4,475 words (of 1250 planned, plus how THAT happened)… and 15,118 total…

I wrote about 700 actual words today.

Following which, I benefitted by having vastly overwritten a big chunk of Ohio 3, in which I leapt ahead and did a ton of stuff that actually needed to wait until this book.

When I realized, back in Book 3, that I’d gotten ahead of myself, I set those words aside (counting their loss from Book 3 when I did so)… and today, got to add ONE piece of that word count back in.

I’m not sure that I’ll be able keep them all — but today, I had fun with money.

With the concept of money, and the concept of trade, and with people who understand TRADE versus those who understand MONEY, and the very nasty complications that can occur when these two incompatible groups of people collide.

And I’ll get to have some more fun with that tomorrow… and will probably end up a few words down rather than a few words up in the process, because the gigantic scene I’d pulled out of Book 3 is 4860 words long, and I’m positive that I got wordy.

But for today, I’m done, and moving on to other things on my list.


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