Ohio 4: Big word count, weird scene — and now I’m in Chapter 5

Urban fantasy is “where normal life and magic collide.”

Today’s collision was big, fun, and above all, very strange.

I got 2339 words for the day (all new), and now have 15,906 total for the book, and did some heavy revision on the keeper scene I brought in yesterday.

I also deleted words, so I actually wrote more than what’s showing. 

BUT… I’m having a lot of fun with this scene, which is allowing me to bring in some creatures that are going to be both a blessing and a plague for my main character from now on.

And a plague and a blessing for the town in which she lives.

And… nah. I’m not going to give hints. But what I hoped would work is now working. And my scene tomorrow should be a lot of fun to write, too.

I’m going to leave it at that now, and go get my other stuff done. 😀

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By Holly

Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and indie-publish my new ones.

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1 year ago

Sounds like you are having a lot of fun with this. Looking forward to seeing the finished work …

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