Ohio 3 goes dark — 1331 words and an unexpected callback

And darker yet.

My MC had one of those “best news in the world, worse news in the world” days today.

And while she had the last part of truly wonderful news, I got a big chunk of writing to finish up Chapter 3 and got 729 words into Chapter 4 before I managed to get to a place where I could let myself stop.

Wonderful went dark in a big damn hurry today. If I’d been writing a comic-book superhero, this would have been where I tripped into a really ugly part of her origin story.

As it was, it was just my MC showing up for the reading of a will after the death of an elderly friend of her grandmother’s.

The stuff I found out today, though… HOLY CRAP!

And I got also got the weirdest loop imaginable from a previous novel (in a completely different universe) pouring into this novel.

I was writing, my MC was talking, and my MC was ripping these little pieces out of that previous novel as quotes, and I kept thinking both, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” and “…This is perfect. I cannot believe how well it fits.”

It was, to sum up, one of those fine, fine writing days you can only hope for, and rarely experience.

Now, though, I’m off to work on a surprise thing I’m putting together.

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