Ohio 3: For my characters, today was Good News, Bad News

I like what I’m getting on Ohio 3. While I wrote previous versions of all five novels, I’ve used very little of any of what I wrote except for Ohio 1.

Wordcount today is 1077, and I’m very happy with that.

Right now, Ohio three is mostly first draft, but I’ve been able to use pieces of a couple scenes from the previous version of the book. Today was ENTIRELY new… but it flowed smoothly out of what I got over the previous few days, and I’m very, very happy with the words I got.

I love the world I’ve built — which is a pretty sideways version of the Ohio town I actually live in. Much more dangerous, much more magical… but the bones of the place are the home I remember from childhood here, and what I’ve rediscovered since we moved back.

Not doing any teasers — these are all coming out under a new pseudonym, and I’ll be testing a specific launch process while bringing them out, and I can’t put up any teasers because those would be searchable back to me, and would then wreck the pseudonym and the testing process.

Nevertheless… I’m really, really happy with what I’m getting, and if you like dangerous urban fantasy, I think you’ll really enjoy these.

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