OHIO #3 – 1356 words and a strange but touching moment with my main character

The words just flew today.

It started out being pretty tough going — it took me a while to find them, and when I found them, they were emotionally difficult. I was with my character in her head, and looking through her eyes at the terrifying future she’s facing alone, without any family…

But then she came up with a solution to locating her family that I hadn’t even thought of, even though I’d set up a process for it at the beginning of this book — it’s really cool, doesn’t put them in danger, but will, IF she can locate them, at least let her know that she is not the last of her people.

And my fingers flew, getting it all down.

I found myself crying while writing it — because I already know the truth about what she’s just hoping to find.

She does have family out there.

They are not going to be what she expects.

But while it won’t look like it initially, finding them will eventually turn out to be a good thing for her, and for them.

I’m now off to get all the other things listed in my bullet journal done.

And to let what happens next in Ohio #3 percolate a bit in the back of my mind, so that when I pick this back up tomorrow morning, I’ll have someplace cool to take it.




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2 responses to “OHIO #3 – 1356 words and a strange but touching moment with my main character”

  1. Stephanie Avatar

    So very looking forward to reading this series when it’s published….been missing your fiction for a long time!

    1. Holly Avatar

      Thank you, Stephanie. I’m glad to be deep in fiction I need to write.

      And I’m discovering that being home after forty-one years has been proving inspirational in a lot of ways.

      I wrote most of the first novel before we got here — and discovered when we arrived that even after that long, I’d got the parts of it I’d draw from having been born here and mostly growing up here right.

      This is a story I could never have told without Ohio — without being from here, and then without having been pulled away from here for so long.

      I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I’m enjoying them.

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