Oh, Yes … And Category 5 Wilma

hurtrac At the moment it’s forecast to roll just north of my daughter’s house, leaving her, Frank, and Frank’s family on the dirty side of the storm.

Tracks change, storms weaken. My thoughts are on the latter, mostly.

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2 responses to “Oh, Yes … And Category 5 Wilma”

  1. Holly Avatar

    That would be Frank my son-in-law.

    And my hope is that Wilma drizzles down to a tropical depression before it hurts anybody (else).

  2. FrankA Avatar

    That would be a different Frank…

    Not that I want Florida to get hit again, but I am glad we aren’t getting another one. Cindy, Katrina and Rita are enough for one year.

    Maybe it’ll dip a little further south and skip Florida. Course, then it’d scrub the keys pretty good.

    With Cuba, Mexico, the Gulf Coast and Florida, there really isn’t anywhere it can go that wouldn’t put it over a populated area.

    Batten down the hatches! Full reef on the arms! Heave to! Deploy storm anchor!

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