Oh, yeah… the results of yesterday’s slog

By Holly Lisle

My email box is better than it was… Right now it’s 1019, when I booted up this morning, it was that even 1000…
Screen Shot 2021 08 12 at 6 51 57 AMScreen Shot of 1000 Emails in Inbox

And yesterday, it was over 2000 when I started out to fix things.

While it wasn’t the only office chore I had to take care of yesterday, I spent a big chunk of clearing out emails (spam, junk, stuff I signed up for that I don’t have time for right now,) while at the same time answering some real emails….

When I came in this morning, my number wasn’t quite as good as I left it yesterday when I finished, but was a ton better than when I started. Email is the modern version of Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill.

But I did have to laugh at that round, round number. 1000 emails.

And what’s in there now is way better than what was in there yesterday.

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