Oh, yeah… the results of yesterday’s slog

My email box is better than it was… Right now it’s 1019, when I booted up this morning, it was that even 1000…
Screen Shot 2021 08 12 at 6 51 57 AMScreen Shot of 1000 Emails in Inbox

And yesterday, it was over 2000 when I started out to fix things.

While it wasn’t the only office chore I had to take care of yesterday, I spent a big chunk of clearing out emails (spam, junk, stuff I signed up for that I don’t have time for right now,) while at the same time answering some real emails….

When I came in this morning, my number wasn’t quite as good as I left it yesterday when I finished, but was a ton better than when I started. Email is the modern version of Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill.

But I did have to laugh at that round, round number. 1000 emails.

And what’s in there now is way better than what was in there yesterday.

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4 responses to “Oh, yeah… the results of yesterday’s slog”

  1. BJ Steeves Avatar
    BJ Steeves

    I can sympathize…I have set up folders and filters to sort through all of my emails. What is left over is spam and junk that I am not interested in. Over my career in the IT field, I get tons of mail from all kinds of sources, for computer related stuff. Even job offers. (I retired several years ago).

    Took a long time to set up, but it works well enough and saves a lot of time in the long run.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Any chance you put up a page someplace explaining how you did this?

      I keep marking stuff as junk, but it keeps getting through.

      1. Reziac Avatar

        Negative filtering is too difficult to get right, and as you’ve noticed, crap gets through anyway. Easier to positively filter. So I have filters that move Mail I Want To See to specific folders, as a short list of specific senders or topics. What’s left in the inbox is therefore mostly subscriptions or junk, and can be mostly ignored.

        When I do clean out the remaining inbox, easy way is to sort by sender, then I can delete or move whole swaths at once. Repeat sorting by subject.

        How you set up filters depends entirely on your mail client. If you’re doing the cross-device Apple thing, then it might be tough. If you’re doing it as webmail, it may be impossible.

        Also, if you’re getting that much spam, you might want to adjust the spamtrap settings on your mail host. (Assuming there are any.)

        1. Holly Avatar

          Thanks. Very helpful.

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