Oh, The Podcast!

By Holly Lisle

I need to do one. I want to do one. I have a dozen great questions, a couple of discussion points I want to hit, and I’ve opened Garageband half a dozen times in the past two weeks to start it.

The problem is that my 20-minute podcast takes me one full writing day (about six hours) to put together, and I haven’t had one full writing day to devote to the task. Between proposals and the Language Clinic and the month of headaches and constant exhaustion, I’m barely dragging from one end of the week to the other, and the hard and fast, unbreakable rule for a writer who lives on her writing is “The WRITING comes first.”

My goal at this point is to get one podcast done this month. Probably one next month. And then, as my energy starts coming back, to do two a month again.

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