Oh, my hours are SO screwed up

I went to bed again around 5:30 a.m., got up at around 8:30 a.m., and am now, thanks to fortuitous changes in everybody’s schedules, back at work. Starting in with scene 34, so I’m making progress, even if it is slower than I’d like. I need to finish the outline to day, and I need to get started on reworking the proposal for the Fallen Suns material. But I have all day for once, and much to my amazement I have a surprising amount of energy right now.

I could kill my computer, though. It has once again developed that bizarre glitch of barring me from my site. Only my site. From my writing computer, I cannot reach my Network54 boards, my sff.net home site, chat, … nothing. I can’t FTP. I can check e-mail. I can surf the entire rest of the Internet. I can Blog — but I suspect, only because BlogBuddy sends the post to the Blogger.com site, which then forwards it to my site. (I can’t check my weblog page, though, so I’m having to take it on faith that this stuff is actually getting through.)

This evil and pernicious error is precisely the problem that led me through a whole bunch of attempts to fix my access, attempts that led to me reformatting my hard drive last week. That worked, I got my site access back, and less than a week later, I can’t get there again. I’m taking it as a sign. (Maybe it’s a sign that I need a new computer, but since I’m broke, I’m guessing that it is, instead, a sign that while I’m writing, I should write, not do site redesign. So while I’m stuck, I guess I’ll go back to playing Solitaire again for the time being. Probably a better idea anyway, because I hate Solitaire. I like working on the website.)

I’m not going to try to fix it again. I don’t have the time or the patience, and it isn’t worth it if after everything, the problem recurs again.

So I’ll be on the site less. I’ll usually be around in the morning my time. And sometimes late at night my time. But not in the afternoons or evenings, which are my writing time.

Okay — rant exhausted. I’m going to get my writing done. Updates as they seem necessary.

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