Oh. My. God. The wonder of a good writing day.

I was writing the battle scene in Longview 4: The Vipers’ Nest, and I thought things were getting a little away from me.

And all of a sudden Herog had a revelation about the battle he was fighting that told me three things:

  • How a tiny space station in an out-of-the-way corner of its galaxy becomes a genuine power to be reckoned with
  • Where the City of Furies fits in my space map (I truly had no idea until about two minutes ago)
  • And what happens to the Pact Worlds Alliance.

Damn, damn, DAMN, today was a fantastic writing day, and if I started an hour early ran an hour over, I couldn’t help it. I had to know what happened, and the space battle got real on me, and BOY was it ever worth it.

So if you like the story when you read it, thank these guys, and the folks who joined my Patreon this month and who will start showing up in the credits next month, because without these guys I’d still be wishing I was writing fiction every day:

Julian Adorney
Thomas Vetter
Karin Hernandez
Tuff Gartin
Nancy Nielsen-Brown
Holly Doyne
John Toppins
Rebecca Yeo
Cat Gerlach
Rebecca Galardo
Eva Gorup
Zeyana Musthafa
KM Nalle
Michelle Miles
Julie Hickerson
Isabella Leigh
Beverly Paty
Paula C Meengs
Meagan Smith
Misti Pyles
Dan Allen
Mary E. Merrell
Francine Seal
Ava Fairhall
Susan Qrose
Elke Zimoch
Angelika Devlyn
Jim Guererro
Maureen Morley
Heather Wittman
Misty DiFrancesco
Wednesday McKenna
Paul Williams (moley)
Cora Anderson
Lynda Washington
Reetta Raitanen
Anders Bruce
Becky Sasala
Heiko Ludwig
Faith Nelson
Ken Bristow
Jason Anderson
Marya Miller
Brendan Fortune
Jean Schara
Indy Indie
Justin Colucci
Alexandra Swanson
Dawn Morrison
Jane Lawson
Bonnie Burns
Eric Bateman
Resa Edwards
Christine Embree
Patricia Masserman
Claudia Wickstrom
Nan Sampson
Juneta Key
Jennette Heikes
Amy Fahrer
Joyce Sully
Charlotte Babb
Sarah Brewer
Nicola Lane
Sylvie Granville
Benita Peters
Michelle Mulford
Kirsten Bolda
Amy Padgett

Alex G. Zarate
Deb Gallardo
Cathy Peper
Deb Evon
Ernesto Montalve
Glenwood Bretz
Elaine Milner
Cassie Witt
Erin O’Kelly
Liza Olmsted
Felicia Fredlund
Hope Terrell
June Thornton
Amy Schaffer
Simon Sawyers
Anna Bunce
Teresa Horne
Susan Osthaus
Barbara Lund
Kristen Shields

Daniela Gana
Connie Cockrell
Donna Mann
Ewelina Sparks
Amber Hansford
Storm Weaver
Dori-Ann Granger
Stacie Arellano
Betty Widerski
Thea van Diepen
Claire Smith
Liz Horton
Beverley Spindler
Peggy Elam
Irina Barnay

P.S. Have to make new covers for the whole series, but this is the provisional one I had on hand.

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4 responses to “Oh. My. God. The wonder of a good writing day.”

  1. dragon Avatar

    It’s wonderful when things come together like that.

  2. Marya Miller Avatar

    WooHOO! Thrilled for you. 😀 And any revelation that makes the connection to Cadence Drake tighter also thrills me. Delighted you are able to work on Longview.

    Write on, Holly! 😀 You’re OUR champion!

  3. Elaine Milner Avatar
    Elaine Milner

    Wow! Fanatastic

  4. Tuff Gartin Avatar

    Congratulations! I’m doing a Happy Dance to celebrate with you!

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