Oh …. My …. God ….

Today hit me out of the blue. Sheila and I went out, ostensibly for lunch — but it turns out that the community has been plotting. She ended up spiriting me off to a secret location where she’d hidden a box the size of my first apartment. And in the box lay an array of gifts from community members that just stunned me. I’ll be taking pictures and putting together a page showing the gifts, which were, one and all, wonderful. And Sheila took pictures of me opening them, which are guaranteed to be gruesome because I am one of those people who takes terrible pictures, but which I’ll post when she sends me copies.

I’ll be sending out individual thank-yous, but in the meantime, I’d like to give an awed and heart-felt thank-you to all of you who participated in this. It was an amazing and wonderful surprise. I was sitting on the couch fighting back tears. Thank you for caring, for noticing that things have been difficult, and for doing something so wonderful in response.

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  • Nicosian Aug 18, 2002 @ 2:51

    Ack! That was the secret project! Wow. I didn’t know!

    Allow me to now belatedly offer a heartfelt thanks for all your efforts here!

  • Damon M. Lord Aug 15, 2002 @ 18:55

    More than happy to plot on this one. Although you say ‘pay forward’, this was one of our ways of finally paying ‘back’ and say thank you.

  • Kim L. Cole Aug 15, 2002 @ 10:29

    We were very happy to do it, Holly. After everything you have done for us, it was the least we could do.

  • Linda Aug 15, 2002 @ 10:01


    It was our pleasure. Thanks, again, for all that you do for us.

  • David Stone Aug 15, 2002 @ 3:14

    I wish I’d known it was happening – I’m glad it did, though.
    Best wishes and virtual hugs sent your way.


  • Labloch Aug 14, 2002 @ 20:13

    Ditto on the community secret.

    I’m rooting for both of you wonderful people in these "interesting" times!


  • Joel Aug 14, 2002 @ 18:47

    I hadn’t been aware of the what the community had been doing, but sending happy dance your way!

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