Offline for a Week

I will still be mailing out boxes. I will not be posting anything here for the next week or so. I’m fine, all my family members are fine–this is a business, not personal, problem, but if I let myself post here before the problem is resolved, as angry as I am, I’ll say things I’ll regret.

Have a good week. I’ll see you all next Tuesday or Wednesday or maybe a bit later if we can’t get this fixed.

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16 responses to “Offline for a Week”

  1. meiran Avatar

    I hope everything works out, sorry for not emailing you myself. I’ve been offline and not checking my favorite blogs for a few weeks and missed your post.

    Take care of yourself first and foremost, and come back when things make more sense.

  2. Holly Avatar

    Money’s not involved.

  3. Tech Avatar

    I’m rooting for you. I hope things turn out well and net you lots of money.

  4. Jason Penney Avatar

    Good luck Holly. Hope it all works out.

  5. Maxx Avatar

    Sending good thought your way and hopes for a positive resolution!

  6. BookLover Avatar

    Love you Holly. Sending good thoughts your way.

  7. MerylF Avatar

    Hang in there Holly.

  8. TinaK Avatar

    Good luck Holly – hope everything resolves in the best way possible.

  9. shawna Avatar

    (((((hugs))))) and good luck. It goes without saying that we wish things to turn out in whatever way you deem positive, because that’s in our best interest, too!

  10. Nandini Avatar

    Go get ’em, Holly. We’re with you.

  11. PJ Avatar

    Oh, my. I hope everything goes well. Take care of yourself. We’ll see you here next week.

  12. BJSteeves Avatar

    Take care of yourself too. See ya when you get back!

  13. Jess Avatar

    Hope everything works out.

  14. Chassit Avatar

    Good luck, Holly. I hope everything works out alright. I’m, and everyone here, rooting for you.

  15. Gabriele Avatar

    No Friday snippet then? *sniff*

    I hope the problem will get solved.

  16. lizb Avatar

    Good luck on getting your problem fixed. Needless to say we’re all pulling for you.

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