Objectives for the Day

By Holly Lisle

I had such fun on Hawkspar yesterday that I’m desperate to do more. So today, I’m giving myself two hours to get my 2000 words on I See You. And then I want to dedicate the rest of the writing day to revising as many pages of Hawkspar as possible. I’m actually through the worst of the solid block of red-orange-red-orange index card mess — I can see green cards ahead. Interspersed, so far, with more red, orange and yellow cards, but I. Don’t. Care. GREEN. I see GREEN.

This is a big deal.

My window is open, I can hear a rooster crowing (damn, they’re loud), the air has a great autumn bite to it, and my oldest cat is stretched out in the windowsill looking like he just discovered intravenous chocolate. (Well, no. He’s looking like I would look if I discovered intravenous chocolate.)


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