Objectives for the Day

I had such fun on Hawkspar yesterday that I’m desperate to do more. So today, I’m giving myself two hours to get my 2000 words on I See You. And then I want to dedicate the rest of the writing day to revising as many pages of Hawkspar as possible. I’m actually through the worst of the solid block of red-orange-red-orange index card mess — I can see green cards ahead. Interspersed, so far, with more red, orange and yellow cards, but I. Don’t. Care. GREEN. I see GREEN.

This is a big deal.

My window is open, I can hear a rooster crowing (damn, they’re loud), the air has a great autumn bite to it, and my oldest cat is stretched out in the windowsill looking like he just discovered intravenous chocolate. (Well, no. He’s looking like I would look if I discovered intravenous chocolate.)


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5 responses to “Objectives for the Day”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Got to thinking about the IV chocolate after I wrote it. I didn’t bounce into the Jetsons analogy, but it’s a good one.

    As for the rooster, it’s STILL making quite a racket.

  2. FrankA Avatar

    Heck, I live in suburbia and hear a rooster every day. Some kids down the block got chicks one easter and kept them. Now we got roosters in the neighborhood.

    Aren’t great writing days the best? I’m in the middle of one now – couple thousand words down on SIREN SONG, it’s not even 11: AM yet and it’s still coming. Gotta’ love it.

    — F

  3. valerie Avatar

    Grin on the rooster, and welcome to Rural Living 101. Ah, yes. The joys. I’m really glad to hear that Hawkspar is going well for you. You’re due, I’d say!

  4. slpenney Avatar


    I’ve been a reader of your blog for quite some time. This weekend I started Midnight Rain on Saturday Morning and finished it Saturday night. It was wonderful. Now I’m searching for copies of your other works. Thanks for the great website and all of the help.

  5. scottbryan Avatar

    I wonder, would intravenous chocolate have the same effect? Makes me think of the Jetsons tossing down food pills.

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