Numbers for the Next Schedule

Have to keep in mind a couple of things for this. I’m going to be sticking to the 2000 words/day schedule and a five day workweek if I can. With that in mind, I have a 180,000-word novel to revise and a 100,000-word novel to write, and I’d like to take some time in December off.

So I’m looking at September, October, and November, with a little padding on both ends. More specifically, there are 111 business days until the end of the year.

I’ll need 50 working days to write the Untitled Onyx Suspense Book. But I’ll also need X number of days to do a salable proposal, X being a variable we have no way of obtaining, guessing, or scheduling. (Which is why I’m working today.) In this instance, I cannot figure for X until I have accomplished X, which makes all subsequent math more than a little dicey. So for now, these numbers cannot be a real schedule. They can only be an approximation of a schedule designed to reassure me that, yes, I can do the required amount of work in the allotted time.

Theoretically, then, and with all caveats and disclaimers firmly in place, that leaves 61 working days in which to do the Hawkspar rewrite. Rewriting Hawkspar in that length of time would require daily progress to the tune of 2951 words. Say 3000. Doable even if I had to damn near rewrite the thing from scratch — and I won’t. Most of what’s in the first draft is good and will stay.

That’s the best-case scenario, then. Number compression and worst-case scenarios I’ll deal with when and if I have to.

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2 responses to “Numbers for the Next Schedule”

  1. Holly Avatar

    I knew you enjoyed the weekend off but was that the only reason you made the writing schedule change?

    I’m experimenting. After a very long time not taking any regularly-scheduled days off from work, I’m testing to see if I’m more creative and productive when I do.

  2. joela Avatar

    Interesting. I knew you enjoyed the weekend off but was that the only reason you made the writing schedule change?

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