Now, A Daily Digest

You can now receive Silent Bounce in daily digest form. Receive only the topics that interest you. Shorter stories (those of about 50 words or less) you’ll receive in their entirety. All stories will offer a link to the story on the weblog, though not the links in the stories.

To subscribe to Silent Bounce Daily Digest:

  • Login to your account. (If you don’t have an account, this link also includes the link to get one.)
  • When you’re logged in, go to Preferences (This link is also in the USER FUNCTIONS block to your left)
  • Scroll down to Emailed Topics for [username], and check the box of each topic you’d like to receive via e-mail
  • Once a day, at 3 AM CST, the server will send out a digest of the topics you’ve chosen.

If you don’t receive your daily digest (the first one will go out at 3 AM tomorrow), check to be sure that your account address is correct, check your spam filters to see if they’ve marked the email “Silent Bounce Daily Digest” as spam, and if all else fails, check with your ISP provider to see if it has server-wide spam filters in place that may be blocking mail from this domain.

I hope you enjoy the Digest feature.

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