coming in November

I have the temporary front page up here:

I have beta testers going through a free plot-outline course (a major upgrade on the current version done via e-mail on THIS site). We’re finding bugs and getting them out of the way now. Once we get the bugs out, this will go live for EVERYONE, well before November. Probably next week. I’ll post here with a link when it does.

I’ll have some of the simpler existing courses ready for you in November, and will gradually build out until all of my courses and existing freebies are transferred to the new school—and then I’ll start adding new courses.

The reason? Site maintenance on a bunch of different platforms and at a bunch of different domains has become too much for me to handle. So Holly Lisle’s Novel-Writing School will free me up to concentrate on course building, NOT web work.

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By Holly

Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and indie-publish my new ones.

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Black Cat
12 years ago

wait does this mean that it will be for free?

Jennifer from Phoenix
Jennifer from Phoenix
12 years ago

Good for you!
Duplication of effort: not good.
Happy Holly: good!
More Holly books: more gooder!

Keep well, and not just for that unruly child who willfully refuses to use proper grammar when she sneaks into my keyboard…

12 years ago

Looking forward to it–can’t wait to spread the news!

12 years ago

Makes a whole lot of sense to me!

Brian Cansler
12 years ago

Glad to see you back and working, Holly 🙂

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