Not what I expected, but what I needed

As is my habit, I started off the writing with what was to have been a quick revision of the previous session’s few pages.

However, I discovered early in that I’d left a lot of the potential tension of that first scene on the table the first time through, and had failed to establish my setting convincingly.

So I reworked the intro, writing probably close to a thousand words—of which only about 500 show up, because I ripped out quite a few of the lazy, sloppy ones they replaced.

I still have the last third of the scene to rework to get it to fit my idea of what I need it to be.

Aside from the light warm-up edit, I usually let first draft stand as written until I get the whole story down on paper from beginning to end—then go back, only doing a major revision in the rewrite.

I’m out of practice, though, and something as loose as that first draft would have bothered me more than just going back and fixing it.

What I have now holds up a lot better.

I’m struggling with a museum/ university issue that I left hanging as I wrap up the two hours. It’s past midnight, and I’ll almost certainly be awake again at five or so. So I’ll sleep on getting a direction for that last issue of the night.

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One response to “Not what I expected, but what I needed”

  1. Talina Avatar

    It is very nice to be able to follow your progress Holly. I know the end product will be one kick ass read!

    I homeschool my children as well. I have four children ranging from 1st grade thru 4th grade. It is challenging and at times I wish I lived back state side just to be able to send them to school before I end up on the padded side of a cell. But thats not happenening any time soon – before college anyway – so I looked for a place that could teach me the ins and outs of writing(my secret dream) as a way of doing something for myself and by myself (no kids or hubby needed for a few hours = much needed “me time”). As I was searching I came across this site and bought the clinics and have been working towards finishing my first novel for the past five months. I think the first time or two around the block may be a tad slower than most, but I never thought I would do it over night either.
    Thanks for all the hard work you put into all the self help books Holly, they are the best! Good luck on all your writing endevours!


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