Not much sleep — but so into the story, I forgot to stop: 1408 words, 54,404 total

I had a rough night (one of those where you need sleep, and want sleep, but it won’t come) so only managed to doze for a few hours by the time I woke up this morning, and I was not as perky as I prefer to be.

I did not have my “+10 Well-Rested Bonus” going.

Nevertheless, as I read through yesterday’s work to catch up with where I was starting today, the Ohio 3 story caught me, and dragged me into it, and when I looked up, I’d run over on my wordcount, and had written words that work, and now I have a great new conflict waiting to show up in tomorrow’s words.

I like the fact that writing fiction can remove lingering darkness from the real world, can let you burn that darkness as fuel for the writing, and turn it around, and leave you happy at the end of the writing day.

None of the nightmare goes into the story — its creator deserves only to be forgotten. But anger can be burned productively, so that when you’re tired, you have that extra fuel that can be turned into something good, and interesting, and even fun.

I don’t know of many jobs that can make that work. This is the only one like that I’ve ever had.


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