Not a GREAT day… but I did get some keeper words

By Holly Lisle

I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes after I have a couple days where the writing just flies, and I love everything that hits the page, I have a day like this one, where it’s pretty much like wading like knee-deep mud, and having it steal one shoe and not give it back. 

(Ohio has mud that will do this. I suspect most places don’t.)

I got words, and I like the words I got.

But there was no magic to it.

I also know that by the time I hit my read-through before I do the revision, I am incapable of telling the difference between the words I write when everything is rainbows and bunnies, and the words I write where it’s uphill both ways.

So tomorrow I’ll sit down again, and get more words. And they’ll fly, or they won’t. But they, like today’s words, will move me closer to my goal.



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